The Tale of The Princess and The Fairy


Once upon a time there was a little princess who lived all alone in a castle in an enchanted forest. The little princess was very lonely because she never had any visitors to drink tea with or to show her drawings to. The only friend she had was a little black and white bird who came to sing for her every morning. The princess loved the little bird very much and she loved the cheerful song he sang. But when she tried to talk to the bird or show him her drawings the little bird just looked curiously at her, tilted his head and gave a few chirps. The princess didn’t understand what the bird meant and she wished so much that the bird could talk back to her; tell her about his adventures in the forest and what his name was. The castle the little princess lived in was under a very peculiar spell; it was a protection spell, a spell to make her safe inside the castle. But the spell was so strong that it also kept the princess from leaving the castle. There were invisible walls that she could not break through. The little princess’ wish was that she could leave the castle and go out into the enchanted forest and explore. She was quite sure that she would be safe from whatever was out there, and maybe she could even find a friend. Oh, how she longed for a friend, someone to drink tea with and talk to and play with.

One evening when that princess was having her supper, all alone as usual, something unexpected and very peculiar happened. There was a knock at her window! And it was not the knock of a bird; it was far too loud and boisterous. Clonck, clonck, clonck! it said. The little princess felt quite afraid, but it was a different kind of afraid, the kind that is a mix between excitement, expectation and a little fear, the kind that gives you butterflies in your tummy. The princess decided to be brave and adventuress. she walked over to the window and drew back the curtains. And there, on the windowsill, just behind a flowerpot, was a tiny little fairy! She had transparent wings and a silvery body, sparkling like a star. The little princess hurried and opened the window. The tiny fairy flew in immediately. It made a sound like a little bell when it flew. It landed on the princess’ hand. “Who are you?” the princess said. But to the princess’ disappointment the fairy didn’t speak back. The princess thought to herself that perhaps a fairy could not speak human language. She brought the fairy with her to the kitchen and gave her a tiny tumble of tea. The fairy drank the tea and she ate the honeydew cake the little princess offered her. Then she started to do something that the little princess thought sounded like talking, the bell was ringing vividly, making it sound like Christmas Day. But the princess could not understand. Then the fairy flew back to the open window and sat down on the windowsill. “No, please don’t leave”, the little princess pleaded. But the fairy didn’t leave, she just made a movement with her wings towards the window, then she pointed at the princess. The princess looked down and became very sad. “I’m so sorry little fairy, I wish I could come with you, but I can’t leave the castle. It is under a spell, and will not let me leave.” The princess felt like she was going to cry. But the fairy kept pointing at her and then out the window. She flew up to her face, and lifted the princess’ chin with her small fairy hands. Then she took a handful of something that looked like silver dust and sprinkled it over the princess’ nose. The Princess sneezed and the fairy started laughing with her Christmas bell-voice. The little fairy continued to sprinkle dust all over the princess, and the princess could feel that she became lighter, like a feather! “I can leave the castle”, she thought. “I believe that I can, I believe!” The little princess thought about the enchanted forest and all the friends she could make there, and all the wonderful things she could see and experience, and then all of a sudden, the little princess felt that she was flying! Yes, she was flying indeed! The little fairy took her hand and led her out the window, and the princess saw that not only was she flying, she had also became tiny, as tiny as the fairy! “Hurrah”, she tried to say, but all that came out was a little chime! The little princess laughed, and the bell chimed louder. She had indeed become a fairy all together! The two little fairies flew out of the window together, and into the enchanted forest.

The two little fairies flew through the enchanted forest together, twinkling, chiming and sparkling in the crisp, clear night air. The stars were out and the moon shone in all its snowy white glory lighting up the enchanted forest so that no one would get lost. The two little fairies were happily chitchatting with each other, but as you and I don’t know how to speak fairy language we will never know what they were chatting about. But oh, what a wonderful time they had! The little princess tried to remember every little detail of the forest so that she could dream about it the next day. She saw that the butterflies were blue with yellow dots, the same colors as the flowers, that she learned from the fairy were called bluebells and buttercups. Oh, how sweet names, she thought to herself, they were like magic words from a storybook. The trees in the forest were rich and green and they were waving their leaf-covered branches in a rhythmic way, swish-swoosh, as though they were dancing. The little princess felt that she could hear them whispering in the wind: long forgotten tales of mystery and magic. She felt that she soon wanted to rest, and the little fairy must have felt the same, for not long after, they landed safely in the branches of one of the trees. They sat down and drank some dew from one of the leaves of the tree. Oh, it tasted so sweet! Not at all like regular water. The fairy picked a small berry from the tree and handed it over to the little princess. The berry was blue and smelled sweet. The little princess bit into it and felt the sweet, sweet juice filling her mouth. It was simply delicious! The two fairies ate and drank and rested until they felt ready to fly again. This time it looked as though the little fairy had a very specific plan where to go. She pulled the little princess’ dress and said something in fairy language. The little princess nodded and followed her. After a ten minutes flight they came to a little clearing in the forest. In the middle of the clearing stood a tiny cottage with a chimney and grass rough and small flowers around the windows. The fairy flew over to the cottage and knocked the door. The little princess could hear steps on the other side and soon the door was opened. It was an old kind-looking lady standing in the door, she was wearing a flowery dress with a white lace apron and pink slippers on her feet. She smiled when she saw the two fairies and welcomed them in whole-heartedly. The little princess felt that she wanted to talk to the old lady, but all she could speak was fairy language, and she felt sorry for the lady looked so kind. But then all of a sudden the little fairy blew on her face and in 1-2-3 she was a princess again! The princess felt so happy! She skipped and jumped around and curtsied to the old lady. The old lady laughed: “ There is no need for that child, I am so happy to have you hear, now sit down and have some sweet tea”. The little princess sat down at the tiny wooden table and the old lady gave her a flowery teacup with sweet creamy tea, just how she liked it. The old lady told her that she was in fact called Granny Flower-witch and that she was not at all a bad witch. She just did a little magic here and there to make the flowers grow and to give her cakes that extra sweetness. The little princess liked her immediately, and had never though she was a bad witch at all. In fact she had never met a witch before so she didn’t know what to think.

“I happen to have a little something for you”, Granny Flower-Witch said. She handed a little parcel to the princess. The princess opened the parcel, and in it, there was a beautiful velvet-bound notebook. The little princess opened the book, but the pages very empty. “It’s for your drawings,” Granny Flower-Witch said, “and stories, if you would like to write some.” The little princess felt so happy she had to give the old lady a big hug. “Thank you,” she said. She had never been given a present before, and this one was so special and beautiful. “How did you know I like to draw?” she asked Granny Flower-Witch, but the old lady just smiled and said nothing. The little princess and the fairy stayed a little while longer in Granny Flower-Witch’s sweet little cottage. The old lady showed them her flowers and recipe books and even her little spell book, which was her most treasured possession. But soon it was time for the princess and the fairy to leave. “Come back anytime!” Granny Flower-Witch said, “and from now on, just call me Granny.” The little princess felt happy, but a little sad too, because she didn’t know if she could ever come back. She had forgotten to tell Granny about the castle and the protection-spell.

The two fairies, yes the fairy had again shared her fairy dust with the princess so she could fly again, went off into the night. But the night was not dark at all, because the moon and the stars were there to light it up and make it as friendly as the day. The Princess saw spiders weaving beautiful webs that almost looked like little windows into different worlds, night birds hooting and flying about, and every now and again she saw the lights of tiny fairies too shy to come out and greet her. They must be busy helping the forest grow and keeping all the flowers safe from harm, the little princess thought. She could hear all the magical night sounds of the forest; it was almost like an orchestra playing a dreamy lullaby.

The little princess felt tired. She had been out flying about almost the whole night and she longed to sleep in her soft, warm bed. The fairy must have understood what she was thinking for soon they were back at the castle. As soon as the princess landed inside the castle window she was once again a little princess. She started feeling sad, because this meant that the fairy was leaving, and she would be alone again. She felt lonelier than ever before now that she knew what she was missing out on, and she almost started to cry. But then the little fairy appeared in front of her nose. She dabbed her wings on the princess’ nose and handed her a small parcel with her tiny hand. The princess took the parcel and opened it, and inside she found a small glass jar and inside the jar: shiny, slivery fairy dust! She felt so very happy! With fairy dust she could become a fairy and fly out whenever she wanted, and even visit Granny in the little cottage! She bent down and hugged the fairy, but was careful not to hug too her too tight as the fairy was so very tiny. The fairy hugged her back with her feather-like body, then she flew off, out the window, and in 1-2-3 she had disappeared into the enchanted forest, and all that was left of her was a small tail of silvery fairy dust.

The little princess put the jar of fairy dust in her safest little chest, the one where she kept all her favorite toys and treasures. She looked down at the notebook in her hand, and she decided that tomorrow, first thing in the early morning, she would start drawing and writing about this wonderful magical night. And with that thought the little princess went to bed and fell asleep immediately.

The little Princess kept her word; she drew and wrote down all the stories, from the enchanted forest, and stories she made up herself in her imagination. In fact, she discovered that by drawing and writing, she could enter into a world of her own, a world she could go to whenever she wanted, a world that had no need for protection-spells or castles with high walls, for it was her very own world filled with all her dreams and imaginations. But of course, she often went to visit Granny Flower-Witch in the little cottage, and she soon became friends with all the fairies in the forest. And you know, you can to, you can travel to wherever you want, just use your imagination!

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4 thoughts on “The Tale of The Princess and The Fairy

  1. kate here (kathy’s 9 year old grand daughter) I really enjoyed the story the best part was when the little princess got out the window with the fairy , and when she got her first present from the granny, this story will help me to improve my writing , beautiful story


    • Thank you so much lovely Kate! 🙂 I dreamed up this story when I was longing to go walk and play in the forest, but couldn’t because I was far away in a city. I hope you will write something too 🙂 If you do I would love to read it 🙂 I love writing because then I can make my own dreamworld come true in my imagination 🙂

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