The Tale of the Little Pink Rose Petal


Once upon a time there was a little pink rose petal, who had, by some strange mistake, or perhaps it was not a mistake at all, bewildered itself into a winter day, where it had, after a long frosty flight, landed on the white ice crusted snow.

The little pink rose petal curled its delicate skin with cold as the wind blew it further and further along the frosty ground. The sun was figure skating on the loose powdery surface, creating patterns of white gold, and the rose petal was swirling along the intricate patterns of the dance. The evergreen trees were heavy with winter and hundreds of tiny pine needles had been dressed in frosted wedding gowns. They twinkled happily in the morning sun and twisted and turned their bodies so as to show themselves in all their winter glory. The little pink rose petal knew not why it had come to this white frosted winterland, nor did it know how, it just happened to be there, all by itself.

All of a sudden the snow gave way with a deep sigh and a foot came stamping along, and there, following in its track came another foot. It was a little girl. She had come to play in the snow. The little girl skipped about and tried to catch the falling snowflakes in her hand, but they always melted before she could catch them. She continued this game for a while, until she tired of it and started making snow angels in stead. The little pink rose petal had for a while settled in the snow, waiting for the next gust of wind to blow it even further into the cold. It felt weaker and weaker and did not know how long it could sustain the cold, as it was of course a summer flower, and used to warm lazy days, with plenty of sun, and humming bumblebees and soothing summer winds caressing its skin. The little rose petal had never been alone before, and it had never felt the cold claws of winter and its harsh icy breath.

The girl lay still in the snow, sticking her tongue out to feel the tickle of the snowflakes as they met the warmth of her mouth and turned into water, dripping down her throat, like a little stream of sweet cold drink. She tilted her head to one side to catch another of the white cold crystals approaching fast from the sky, and it was then she saw the little pink rose petal shivering in the snow. The girl caught the rose petal in her hand and sat up. She put her other hand on top of it so as to make a shelter, and she blew soft breaths of warm air on it. The rose petal stopped shivering for a while, and as the girl kept cradling it and warming it with her breath, the rose petal started feeling pleasant and relaxed again. The girl got up to her feet and carried the rose petal with her home.

There she gave it a bath in a glass of warm water, which she placed in front of the blazing fireplace. The girl caressed the rose petal with her warm childish finger and soon it felt at ease again, and the warmth made the petal glow and shine in its most beautiful pink. It was left there all night, and the girl kept coming back to it, caressing it and making sure the water was warm enough.

That night was in fact a special night, it was Christmas Eve, and on that night all kind of magical things can happen. And this was exactly the case, also in this story, for when the girl woke up on Christmas morning and went down to the fireplace, which she had taken great care to keep ablaze the whole night, she discovered to her great delight, that the little rose petal had turned into a beautiful pink rose in full bloom!

The girl was so happy to see this that she promised to keep the rose warm the whole winter, and she kept her promise, and when summer came she carried the rose out into the meadow behind her house, and planted it along side the hundreds of pink and red and yellow roses, already dressed in their most beautiful summer gowns. The girl never forgot the rose, and the rose never forgot the little girl who had saved its life that cold winter day, and every summer the girl came back to the meadow to see her little pink rose petal friend again. And both the rose and the girl shone brightly ever after.

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20 thoughts on “The Tale of the Little Pink Rose Petal

    • 🙂 Oh, yaaaaaay!!! 🙂 🙂 You have made me so so happy now!!! 🙂 I love writing these poems and stories, and knowing that someone appreciates it warms my heart so much!! 🙂 🙂 ❤

      • Yay me too. I just text JM! She is going there too! I just pressed it whatever that is! LOL 🙂 I just love love love this! It made me so happy all of a sudden. I’m been so tired all day! LOL ❤

      • Oh, that is so so lovely!!! 🙂 🙂 Just feel free to share whatever you like here, I dont need any credit, so you can share however you like 🙂 🙂 You know what….., when I write these stories and poems I become happy too!! .-) It is like my little safe sweet sanctuary 🙂 🙂 ❤ I am so so so happy that I could share that with you! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Wow that is how I feel when I get on that thinking pink blog! I think it is so so important to look for the goodness and the happiness even if it is your favorite coffee in the morning. To me that is huge! It’s all about those tiny happy moments that lift us higher then we think we can be. I love those! You did that for me tonight with this share! I can’t wait to read more tomorrow. I had to get this on my blog so everyone can take their happy selves here! ❤ this precious friend! 😀

      • Well, you have made my morning with all your loveliness and smiles! 🙂 I agree, we need to search for happiness in the little moments and fully embrace it! 🙂 We need to seek joy and know that we are woth every moment of happiness we experience! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤

      • Oh yes! We can’t always be joyful I know this but if I lose my joy or peace I always go back to where I last left it. Usually that is a place of renewal for me and great healing! I love it when that happens. I love you and I love this blog and your spirit of joy and happiness, it is contagious! ❤ JM is on thinkingpink now so I'm sure she will be there soon! ❤

  1. Your descriptions and feeling in your writing pulled me right ThERE! I remember making snow angels as a kid and I am going to share your story with a friend who brings her roses inside in the winter. in Minnesota. LOVE IT The tale of the little pink rose!

    • Oh, thank you so so much!!! 🙂 This little story is very very dear to me! ❤ So I feel so touched when someone else loves it too 🙂 ❤ Thank you for putting a little warmth in my heart today ❤

      • I am so grateful for you Trini. Just figured out where my notifications went, could only go back to Nov18th, so truly wish you got my responses before that! Heart to heart Robyn

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