The Tale of the Little Ballerina


Once upon a time there was a little ballerina who lived in a pink music box. The music Box had little spring flowers on the outside and red velvet and silver crystals on the inside. The music Box belonged to a little girl, it had been a birthday gift from her mother, and the little girl adored her gift. She kept it very nicely on the stand next to her bed and opened it every night before she went to sleep to see the little ballerina dance. The little ballerina also loved the music box and she danced happily for the little girl every time she opened the box. The little ballerina loved to dance, and she would have loved to dance all day long. That was in fact, the only sorrow she carried in her heart; that she could only dance for a little while every day. The music box was silent and dark when it was closed, and the little ballerina had to bend her thin fragile legs as not to bump her head on the lid of the box. She waited and waited for that one moment when she could shine in all her glory and show off her talent and her joy to the little girl.

A year went by and soon it was the little girl’s birthday again. The ballerina had grown tired of the uncomfortable silence and darkness of the music box and she no longer danced with the same enthusiasm. The wish she carried in her heart had grown bigger and stronger, and the absence of its fulfillment had lowered a veil of sadness over the ballerina’s heart.

When a heart, any heart, also that of a simple toy, becomes shaded and faded by sadness, a peculiar thing happens, the sadness turns into something much more darker, something known as bitterness. The ballerina had in fact become so intoxicated by this thing called bitterness, that one day she simply refused to dance any longer. The little girl tried and tried to make the ballerina dance, but no matter what she did, the little ballerina would not move. It seemed as if nothing could ever lighten and brighten the ballerina’s heart again.

Soon, the girl grew tired of her useless toy and she threw it out. Her birthday was coming up in a few days and she knew that her mother would bring her a new toy.

The ballerina was left on a pile of waste surrounded by all kind of broken toys and other objects she did not know the use of. It was even darker and lonelier than in her own music box and the ballerina regretted her behavior. She knew now that the only one effected by her mischief and stubbornness was herself, and in fact in stead of creating an opportunity to dance and shine longer and brighter, the opposite had happened, she was now bereft of dancing all together.

It is often so when we do something out of bitterness, and not love. For bitterness is dark, and can only bring more darkness. The ballerina started crying in misery, and as tears streaked her beautiful fair face and gave way to all the sadness and bitterness to leave her heart and be buried in the waste around her, a little fairy appeared in front of the ballerina. It was a little girl-fairy, and she looked almost exactly like the girl who used to watch the ballerina dance every night. She took the ballerina’s hands in her own, and told her that she was here to fulfill the wish she had carried in her heart her whole life. The little ballerina’s face lit up and she stopped crying, she could hardly believe that the moment had finally come. The moment she had given up on, had lost faith in, and doing so, also lost faith in herself and her talent.

The little fairy comforted the ballerina and told her that she had earned her freedom, for true love needs to be free to thrive and flourish. The little fairy gave her magic wand a wave and in no time at all the little ballerina flew up in the air, she swirled around a few times before the wind caught her and blew her far far away from the pile of waste on which she had be left by the little girl. And before she knew it, she was transformed into a beautiful tall elegant ballerina dancing the dance of the sugar plum fairy on the stage of the royal theatre. She danced with such elegance and grace that the audience stopped breathing for a second in awe of her. And there was especially one girl in the audience who held her breath a little longer than the rest, for she was in fact the little girl to whom the music box had belonged to. For her birthday her mother had taken her out the watch the nutcracker ballet, not knowing that the prima ballerina was in fact the little ballerina the girl had watched dancing so many many nights before.

After that night, the little girl grew to love ballet so much that even she became a ballerina, but she had to learn to share her spotlight with many other dancers. And the little ballerina, she danced and danced to her heart’s joy and desire, and her magnificent talent gave her many many opportunities to shine, and never again did she give way to darkness.


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12 thoughts on “The Tale of the Little Ballerina

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  2. Lo love the little Ballerina Trini! Wonderful inspiration. ..Thank you. Good luck with your stories…and I’m so happy you have this new blog…it suits you!! Much love dear friend…may all your dreams come true! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you so much Lorrie! 🙂 I am so so happy you liked this little story! 🙂 ❤ I hope you are doing well, Im thinking about you ❤ I am praying for your dreams to come true as well! ❤ ❤ ❤

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