The Tale of The Golden Child

Once upon a time there was a golden child who lived in the land of fairies. She was the sweetest child with rosy cheeks and golden hair. No one knew how she came to dwell with the fairies, but it was whispered amongst the dancing leaves and voyaging winds that she had lost her way while journeying from heaven to earth. The golden child was perfectly happy with the fairies, but sometimes in the quiet hours of dawn she could feel a tiny aching in her heart. She did not know where the aching came from nor how to mend it.

One day she decided to consult the fairy queen about the aching. The fairy queen was very wise and knew more about heaven and earth and Everything In Between. She advised the golden child to seek answers to her questions on earth among the humans. The golden child did as she was advised. She became a small night light and journeyed for the first time in her existence to earth.

The way from Fairyland to earth is rather short and quite easy to find, even for whimsical beings such as the golden child, and she had soon reached the green shores of the human realm. There was a rule though, and that was that she could only travel at night, so as not to be seen by the humans (at night she could disguise herself as a star!).

Earth was rather quiet and quite dark, and the golden child felt lost and lonely. But soon she could see the lights of a great castle, greeting her cheerfully. She approached the castle and looked into one of the many grand windows, all lit up by beautiful looking chandeliers. Inside the castle she saw what looked to be a king and queen (they both had crowns on their heads just like the fairy queen). They were talking to each other in sad disappointed voices. “Oh why is it that we never had a child? “ the king was saying. “I want a child of my own, queen.”

“I also want a child, my king, more than you”, the queen complained.

The golden child was moved by their sadness, and she hurriedly journeyed back to Fairyland to think about what the king and queen had said. When she came back to Fairyland the golden child went to the Fairy queen again. “Was I to be the child of the king and queen?” she asked the Fairy queen. The queen told her to look into the magic pool of tears, for only there would she find the truth. When the golden child looked into the pool of tears she saw the same king and queen as she had seen earlier, but now it was as though their voices came from inside their hearts and not as spoken words. “I want a child so he can be king,” the king’s heart said, “ it must be a strong and handsome boy who can rule my land and maybe conquer more land for the kingdom”. “I want a daughter as beautiful as me, someone to melt the hearts of all the princes and marry someone even richer than the king himself so that she can give me gold and riches;” said the heart of the queen.

The golden child then understood that the king and queen were not to be her parents, and she decided not to go back to earth where the people were selfish and only after personal gain. She was again happy in the land of fairies.

But the ache in her heart would still not go away. So one day she decided to consult the fairy queen again. “ Dear fairy queen, “ she said, “the ache in my heart is still there, how can I make it stop?” she asked the queen. The queen again advised her to journey to earth for only there would she find the remedy for her heartache. So again, the golden child journeyed to earth.

This time she did not go towards the shimmering lights of the castle, but journeyed deeper into the darkness of the forest. Darker and darker it became, until she saw a small flicker of light coming from a tiny cottage in the forest. The golden child approached the cottage and looked into the tiny window, only lit up by a single candle.

Inside she saw a man and his wife, they were looking very sad, and the man was holding his wife’s hands. “Oh wife,” the man said, “if only we had a child, a sweet plump little baby to call our own.

“ I know darling, “the wife responded: “my hands long so much to hold and caress a little one.” The man and wife embraced each other and the golden child could hear the soft sobs of the wife. Her heart was filled with sadness and she quickly left the cottage to return to Fairyland.

When she arrived she immediately went to consult the fairy queen. “Dear queen am I the child the couple in the cottage is longing for?” she asked the fairy queen. “Only the magic pool of tears can tell you that,” said the Fairy queen. The golden child looked into the magic pool of tears, and again she saw the sad couple in the cottage, and she could hear what was in their hearts. “If only I had a baby to love,” said the wife’s heart, “ I would ask for no more, I am happy with my husband, but I have so much love to give yet, if only I had someone to give it to, I only want to be a mother to some little child who needs me”. “If only I could give my wife a child,” said the heart of the man, “she is the perfect mother, and I would do my best to be a good father, I could teach the child to do a lot of things, I am good with my hands, if only I had someone to teach my skills to.”

When the golden child heard this she knew at once that these were her real parents, the parents she had been made for and had been on her way to, when she lost her way from heaven. She smiled to the fairy queen and the fairy queen nodded and smiled back to her.

There was no need to say good-bye; Fairyland would always be there for the golden child when she needed it, but her true home was on earth with the sweet couple in the cottage in the forest. So the golden child went back to earth and she became the most loved baby on earth, and never again did she feel the ache in her heart, and neither did her parents, for the remedy they had all sought after was the love of parent and child, a love so pure and unconditional it binds a family together for ever and beyond, no matter from where or how it comes into life. And needless to say the golden child and her parents lived happily ever after.

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2 thoughts on “The Tale of The Golden Child

    • Thank you so so much!! 🙂 I hope with all my heart that your grand daughter will like it! 🙂 I love it when adults like my stories but I love it even more when children love them! 🙂 🙂 ❤ My heart is full of happiness now! Thank you for your words! 🙂 ❤

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