The Tale of the three little bunnies

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The doorbell was ringing in Carnation Cottage. Ding! Dong! “I wonder who it is?” said little Lavender Rose. “Probably just someone trying to sell something,” said Mother. Ding! Dong! There the bell went again. Little Lavender Rose opened the door excitedly. She liked buying things. Outside stood two little bunnies. They looked very pretty in their flower caps and white clean frocks. “Hello!” said Lavender Rose. “Are you selling something?” The two little bunnies shook their heads. “We have come to ask if you want to play, “said the smallest of the two bunnies. Lavender Rose did want to play. She put on her little lavender coat and her rose pink hat and went into the sunshine outside.

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“My name is Lily,” said the smallest bunny. “My name is Daisy,” said the other bunny. They all liked each other very much right away. “Let us go and play by the river,” said Lavender Rose. They all decided to go and play by the river. On the way to the river they met a butterfly. The butterfly asked if they wanted a drink of flower nectar. “Bunnies hate flower nectar,” said Lily and put out her tongue in disgust. “Bunnies hate flower nectar,” said Daisy and put out her tongue in disgust. “Bunnies hate flower nectar,” said Lavender Rose and put out her tongue in disgust. The butterfly felt dreadfully offended and flew away.
The river was very pretty. The banks were covered in wildflowers and weeping willows and there was no dangerous current to sweep them away into the Far-Away. On a little rock by the river sat a frog fishing for his supper. “Yuck! A frog!” said Daisy and wrinkled her little pink nose. “Yuck! A frog!” said Lily and wrinkled her little pink nose. “Yuck! A frog!” said Lavender Rose and wrinkled her little pink nose. The frog heard them and skipped away angrily.

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“Let’s go for a swim!” said Daisy. They all loved to swim so they took off their clothes and jumped into the river. While all this was going on, no one was watching the river bank. A poor little spider stood there crying. He also wanted to play, but he didn’t know how to swim. The little bunnies soon became tired of swimming and they returned to the river bank. “Can I play with you?” asked the little spider. “No, “said Lavender Rose, “we don’t like spiders!” “No, “said Lily, “we don’t like spiders!” “No,” said Daisy, “we don’t like spiders!” The little spider ran away crying noisily.

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The clouds in the sky went from white to very black and soon it started raining heavily. “Let’s go and stand under the weeping willows,” said Lily. “I hate getting wet!” All the three little bunnies agreed that getting wet was the worst thing in the whole world. They huddled together under the weeping willow. But the rain fell through the branches and the little bunnies started crying.
The frog who had been fishing for his supper heard the little bunnies crying and he felt sorry for them so he decided to give them his water lily leaf to use as an umbrella. “Thank you Mr. Frog “said Lavender Rose and smiled sweetly. “Thank you Mr. Frog,” said Lily and smiled sweetly. “Thank you Mr. Frog,” said Daisy and smiled sweetly. The three little bunnies were so small that they could all fit under the leaf without getting wet.

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After a little while the rain stopped. “Let’s go home!” said Daisy. They all thought that was a very good idea. They started walking home, but after just a few minutes Lily stopped. “ I am so thirsty, “ she said unhappily. “ I am thirsty too,” said Lavender Rose. “I am also thirsty,” said Daisy. The three little bunnies were so thirsty that they started crying. The butterfly they had met earlier that day heard the three little bunnies crying, she felt sorry for them and decided to help them. “I have some flower nectar if you want to try a sip,” she said to the three little bunnies. “I would like that very much Miss Butterfly,” said Lily and drank the sweet delicious nectar greedily. “I would also like some Miss Butterfly,” said Lavender Rose and drank the sweet delicious nectar greedily. “Please may I also have some,” said Daisy and drank the sweet delicious nectar greedily.

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The three little bunnies felt strong again so they hopped along homewards. “Help!” cried Lily as she suddenly fell into a very deep hole in the ground. “Help!” cried Lavender Rose and fell into the same hole. “Help!” cried Daisy and joined the other two in the hole. The three little bunnies had forgotten all about the farmer’s traps, and now it was too late. The farmer would have them for his supper!

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The three little bunnies started crying miserably. The spider from the river bank heard the three little bunnies crying and he felt sorry for them, so he decided to try and see if he could help them. When the spider saw the three little bunnies trapped in the hole in the ground, he quickly started to spin a long beautiful web. When the web was finished he lowered it into the hole. “Here, climb unto my web!” said the spider. Lavender Rose grabbed hold of the web and climbed out of the hole. Then Lily grabbed hold of the web and climbed out of the hole, and lastly Daisy grabbed hold of the web and climbed out of the hole. “Thank you kind spider,” said Lily and shook the spider’s hand. “Thank you kind spider,” said Lavender Rose and shook the spider’s hand. “Thank you kind spider,” said Lily and shook the spider’s hand.

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The three little bunnies hurried home and said their good byes. When mother asked Lavender Rose how her day had been, all Lavender Rose could say was: “Mother, from today I will be such a good little bunny for I never want to be made into supper for the farmer!”

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All the artwork is by the magical Beatrix Potter. Learn more about her art and books here:

The Tale of Little Josie, The Wicked Prince and The Fairies


once upon a time there was a little girl called Josie. Josie lived in a cozy a house in the forest with her big sister. Josie was a very good little girl, she was always sweet and did what her sister asked her to do. It was quite easy for Josie to do what she was told, because her sister only asked her to do fun things. But then one day something happened that changed things. A wicked prince came to the little house in the forest, and since he was a prince, at least he said that he was, he did not hesitate to demand to stay in the cozy house and to have the two girls as his servants. He was hardest on Josie, since she was the youngest. All day long she had to cook for him, make him endless cups of tea, heat his bathing water, and fill his mug with fresh drinking water. The wicked prince never said thank you or please, he only looked sternly at Josie, and told her to put some more sugar in his tea or less salt in his food. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, and the prince did not leave. Josie forgot all about what fun felt like, and she was always too tired to be sweet and to smile. One day Josie heard a little voice in her heart telling her that it was time for her to leave the cozy house, and to go looking for happiness somewhere else. Jose felt bad about leaving her sister behind, but she knew she had to obey the voice inside of her, so she promised herself that she would find a way to make the wicked prince leave so that she and her sister could live happily together again.


That night when the wicked prince was sleeping Josie packed a few of her belongings and ran away from the house.


She kept running and running deeper and deeper into the forest until she came to a clearing where the full moon shone through the trees and where all kinds of colorful wildflowers grew. Josie felt that this was a safe place to sleep.


She lay down in the dewy meadow and closed her eyes to the starlit sky. Then all of a sudden she heard a very funny noise, it sounded like the chiming of little bells! Josie opened her eyes, and there right in front of her she saw two tiny silver fairies looking down at her. Josie startled and got up immediately. The fairies laughed. Their bodies almost looked like moonbeams, and their wings were like gossamer threads.


Josie smiled for the first time in many many months. The fairies pulled her hand to make her follow them, and she did as she was told.


The fairies brought her to a place under a very big tree with beautiful heart-shaped leaves in golden hues, and to Josie’s great surprise each leaf held a little fairy inside!


Some of them were the silvery color of the moon, others were more golden like starlight. now all of them started flying towards her, they took her hands in their tiny wings and pulled her into a beautiful dance. Josie could hear faint music playing from the forest and the music swayed in her heart and she drifted away into a magical fairy dance.

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite1_thumb[3]

She was having so much fun she forgot all about the wicked prince and the promise she had made. She danced and danced and laughed and smiled and she was again filled with sweetness and joy.


Then all of a sudden the music changed and the fairies stopped dancing. Everything went very still, but it was as though the
air was filled with Light and sparkles, and then she appeared: The Fairy Queen. Josie knew right away it was her, because all the other little fairies bowed down to her. The Fairy Queen looked at Josie and asked her in perfect human language: What was it you wanted to ask me dear?

Josie startled and did not understand what the Fairy Queen meant, but then she remembered the wicked prince and her promise to find a way to make him leave. She mustered all her courage and told the Fairy Queen about the wicked prince. “Oh, he is not really a prince,” said the Fairy Queen, “he only says that to make himself more important, and to have an excuse to put others down. He is actually a poor beggar who is too lazy to look for a job, so he pretends to be a prince so that he can impose on others and eat their food and drink their water.” Now Josie felt really angry. The wicked prince had made her do so much work wen he himself was too lazy to do anything. This was not right. “Then how can I get him to leave?” asked Josie, “I am just a little girl!”. The Fairy Queen smiled, ” Don’t worry little girl, it is quite easy. The wicked prince has all his life dreamed of being rich, only he is too lazy to earn any money for himself. So what you will do is this: Tell him that where the rainbow ends there lies buried a big pot of gold, and if he just follows the rainbow he will easily find it and can claim it for his own.” “But what if there is no rainbow that day, ” asked Josie. “Don’t worry about that, ” answered the Fairy Queen, “I can easily help you to make a rainbow!” And as she said that, hundreds of little fairies appeared, and these fairies where neither silvery like the moon or golden like the starlight, their tiny bodies shone in indigo and pink and green and all the seven colors of the rainbow. “Oh, rainbow fairies!” exclaimed Josie.


The Fairy Queen smiled and nodded. “When you need them to make a rainbow for you, just put a glass of water in the sun, and soon the whole sky will be filled with the most magnificent rainbow.” ” Oh, thank you so much Fairy Queen!”, Josie smiled and bowed her head. “Goodbye for now Josie, hurry home to your sister, she will be worried about you if she finds your bed empty in the morning. I will send some star fairies with you to light up your path.” The Fairy Queen nodded to a couple of golden star fairies and they immediately came to rest on Josie’s shoulders. Josie thanked the Fairy Queen once again and wished her good bye. Then she started on the long walk home, but with the star fairies lighting her path before her, the journey did not take very long.


Soon, right before the first rays of dawn bathed the forest in their gentle light, Josie was home again, and the star fairies flew back up to the sky. Just as she opened the door she heard that the wicked prince was already up. “Where is my tea Josie!”, he shouted angrily, “it is far past dawn”. Josie could feel that all the sweetness and joy she had inside faded and she decided that she could not wait long before she put the glass of water in the morning sun. She made the tea for the wicked prince, and surly, like every day, he complained that it was not sweet enough nor hot enough. Josie sighed, but said nothing. “My water mug is empty, fill it up!” demanded the prince. Josie’s sister came out of her room and told Josie that she would fill the mug with water. But Josie would not let her. She took the mug and an empty glass and went into the garden where the well was. First she filled the glass with water and put it in the sun, and then she filled the mug. It did not take long, only a couple of seconds, and there right before her eyes, a beautiful thick rainbow appeared in the sky.


Josie started laughing, and she ran into the house with the mug for the wicked prince. As she gave it to him, she told him about the rainbow and the pot of gold buried where the rainbow ended. The wicked prince immediately took interest in this. He went into the garden and when he saw the rainbow, the temptation of the gold became too great and he started running, as he had never run before, after the rainbow. That was the last Josie and her sister saw of the wicked prince, and if you have not heard differently the wicked prince is still running around chasing golden treasures. and what of Josie and her sister?, well they lived happily ever after of course, filling each day with joy, sweetness and fun.


All the magnificent art is by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

The Tale of the Twin fillies


There were once two little twin fillies. They had been born in the Lilac forest, but not long after their birth they discovered that they were all alone. They did not cry, the two little fillies were already brave and strong. They stood up on their thin long legs, took a few trying steps and then they wandered off into the forest.

One of the fillies was white as snow, the other black like night. They walked deeper and deeper into the forest, trusting their instincts to keep them safe from harm.

The Lilac trees were in full bloom, and their sweet scent wafted through the forest. A family of pink butterflies danced through the air, drinking full cups of warm pollen served by the lilacs as they passed them by.

Ruth Sanderson - T

The two little fillies stood for a while examining the beautiful little creatures. And all of a sudden they felt a deep thirst well up in their throats. They tried to drink the pollen, but the small cups collapsed before they could even attempt to fill their mouths with the sweet smelling nectar.

The two little fillies abandoned the butterflies and moved further into the depth of the forest. Soon they came upon a hill blanketed in tiny white flowers. The snow white filly whinnied. And something stirred in between the leaves on top of the hill. Then the night black filly whinnied, and again something stirred in the leaves.
Now both the white and the black filly whinnied together. Once, twice and thrice.


Then a magnificent silvery white unicorn stepped out of the leaves. She was like the moon itself, glowing like mother-of-pearl. The twin fillies shivered and bowed their heads in respectful greeting. The unicorn gracefully ascended, and came to stand right in front of the twin fillies. She gave a loud beautiful whinny that echoed in the forest.

Her mane was flowing like moon beams, almost touching the ground when she moved. The unicorn gave a majestic toss of her beautiful white head, then she turned away from the fillies and started walking into the forest.


After a few steps she beckoned to the fillies to follow her. Deeper and deeper into the forest they moved until they reached a little lake. There the unicorn stopped and called the twin fillies over to her. She lowered her head and showed the fillies how to drink her milk.

The fillies drank her milk greedily, but gently, so as not to hurt the unicorn. When the two fillies had quenched their thirst, the unicorn walked over to the lake and stood next to the mirage on the water surface. She dipped her muzzle into the water and drank. Then she whinnied to the two little fillies and they came to stand next to her.

unicorn rs

The twin fillies lowered their heads into the water to drink, but as they dipped their muzzles into the water, they caught their own reflection in the water and to their astonishment they saw that they were not fillies anymore.
They had become fully grown unicorns.


The unicorn mother called them Night and Day, and she sent them out into the world to carry the milk of daylight and the milk of nightfall to all living creatures.


And from that day onwards the beautiful dawn and the majestic twilight would grace the sky for all to marvel at.

If you look closely in these hours of change you might see the twin unicorns gallantly galloping over the sky, whinnying to each other in friendly greeting.


All the amazing art is by the magical Ruth Sanderson. Please see more of her art here: