Pan’s Flute


Enchantments coiled around my wrists
And over the field I hastened,
Through thistle-spun trees and lily-woods
But, alas, my feet began a’dancin’.
Through umbrella-leaves and parsley-blooms
I twirled in fields of goldenrod,
To pipes unseen and larks unheard.
And Pan himself must have laughed,
For he had caught me in his Faerie-trance.



Pan is a fantasy adventure film from 2015 starring Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried. The story is a prequel to J.M Barrie’s famous Peter Pan story. In the film we get to know how Peter Pan first came to Neverland, before he was “The Pan” and how James Hook became Captain Hook.


Normally I’m not too fond of movies that are a spinoff of original books or films, but this movie I loved! The plot is original and creative and wins you over. But the standout is the visual effects, the costumes and the fairylike sceneries that really makes you feel that you are in Neverland, a world of magic and fairies and flying ships. I just wanted to jump through my TV screen and join in the fun!


The movie is not all fun and games though, it has serious and somewhat scary undertones, and action sequences that make you jump in your seat and grind your teeth in suspense.

As soon as the movie was over I wanted to watch it again, just so that I could stay in the magical Neverland a bit longer, so I think I need to add this film to my library. 😊😊

I highly recommend Pan to kids and adults alike!

Five of five stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Enjoy the movie!