Mary and the Witch’s Flower

“Mary and the Witch’s Flower” is a Japanese animated film from 2017 based on the book “The Little Broomstick” by Mary Stewart. The film is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi and produced by Studio Ponoc.

Mary is a young girl stuck in a house on the countryside with her great-aunt and housekeeper during the Summer Holidays. She is bored without any children to play with, but then one day she meets a cat who shows her the way to a magical flower. The flower enchants a mystical broomstick and on that broomstick Mary flies to a magical world where she is mistaken for a student enrolled in the witching academy for higher magical learning. But is the academy really a place of wonders and enchantments or is there something more sinister happening behind closed doors?

Follow along as Mary sets out on the adventure of a lifetime where she has to use all her bravery and self-belief to fulfill her quest and save her friends.

Imagine if Anne of Green Gables actually got to go on one of her many imagined adventures, an adventure that didn’t just transport her into a magical world, but to a futuristic world where magic is realized through technology. That is “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” for you. All set in a Sci-Fi Japanese Hogwarts (where you might even spot Harry Potter if you pay attention!😄😄).

I really enjoyed this film! I loved the animation and the creativity, and as a big fan of Anne of Green Gables, and wild redhead girls in general, I absolutely loved the heroine! And I was so happy to see that someone has finally come up with a sensible way to ride a broomstick! 😆🤣😆🤣

Reading between the lines, the film has a deeper message telling us how the natural world is perfect as it is and does not need to be improved upon or decorated to be valuable and beautiful. And that goes for us human beings as well. A message worth being reminded of for adults and children alike.

I highly recommend this movie to children (of all ages) and adults as well!
Enjoy! 🧙🏻‍♀️🧹

Her Majesty

Her Majesty is a New Zealand family/children’s film from 2001. The story is set in the 1950s and is about a young girl who loves Queen Elisabeth and dreams about meeting her, and an elderly Maori woman who is passionate about keeping her Maori legacy alive. When the two meet a magical friendship starts to blossom.

This film, which is inspired by true events, is a beautiful story about identity, belongingness, loyalty and friendship. It is about learning to appreciate our earth and the people who came before us.

I absolutely loved this sweet movie! I loved learning a bit about the Maori traditions, and I loved the way the story and the characters evolved. I could easily identify with the 12 year old Elisabeth and her courage and big heart when she stands up for her Maori friend Hira. I could also relate to the curiosity Elisabeth has for the deeply spiritual ways of the Maori people and how she learns to appreciate and even adopt some of these traditions. love the friendship between the two, and how genuine and respectful it is, despite the age difference.

I absolutely recommend this magical film to children, teenagers and adults alike! It is rare to come upon such a gem of a movie in these highly commercial times.

Of course, five out of five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Caravan of Courage


Caravan of Courage is a Sci-fi/ Fantasy film from 1984 created by the wonderful mind of George Lucas. The film is set in the magical Star Wars universe some time between the fifth and sixth Star Wars episode. The story takes place on the moon called Endor where a species of creatures called Ewoks live. Ewoks are friendly and peaceful and look like giant teddy bears! The film starts when a family in a star cruiser crashes on Endor, and the parents and the two children are separated from each other. The children are rescued by the Ewoks, but they are anxious about their parents, and when they find out that a monster has captured them far away in a cave, they embark, together with the Ewoks, on a rescue mission.


I absolutely love this movie! It’s completely magical! And I adore the Ewoks!
What I love the most is the “special effects” which is all done by hand, from the costumes, to the “puppets” to the stop-motion animation work in the action scenes. To me, it is so freeing to see a fantasy film without any computerized special effects, I believe in the creatures and in the monsters, and I am in awe of all the artistic work put in to making this film.


This movie can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and is a MUST see for all Star Wars fan out there, especially those of you who, like me, enjoy George Lucas’ wonderful fantasy universe more so than the action parts.


I highly recommend this amazing film! And of course five out of five stars!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟