Rocking Horse Ornament


Rocking Horse!
Rockng Horse!
Hanging from the tree
won’t you come down and play with me?
Make me tiny so I can
ride on you to Fairyland!

The Merriest Magician


The merriest magician
lives upon the moon
he carries bags of starlight
and rides upon a broom

He sprinkles all the night sky
with glittering balloons
rising high above us
and glowing like little moons

and the merriest magician
rides away on his broom
once again his job is done
he’s made the nightsky bloom

The Whimsical Dream Wizard


High up in a tower
a whimsical wizard lives
he spins and spins for hours
webs of wishes’ whims

Upon his head a pointy hat
with starlight boarder trims
and in his hand a wizard’s wand
made of magic strings

He spins away the hours
making children’s dreams
hig up in his tower
a web of dreams he weaves



Little Lily Loveable
fairest face as white as snow
winter bosom tiny feet
petals pink a face so sweet
Little Lily Loveable greets
all the people that she meets


daisy fairy

Daisy, Daisy, my little sweet
snowy white and yellow beads
a sunshine face of pearly rays
a golden smile like royal maids
wayside meadows garden beds
spotted are the Daisy heads
cheery greetings sweet parades
delightful sights of spring brigades
joyous leaps of fairy feet
a picked fence on daisies’ street
lemon cream for dessert
a fairy rumor I have heard
Dilly Dally Daisy do
let me pick a daisy or two
on days of rain, on days of shine
Daisies are a favorite of mine
in the forest or in a bouquet
give me daisies any day!

Artwork by the lovely Cicely Mary Barker

I want a puppy!


Mommy, mommy I want a puppy
just like the one in the book
his coat should be as cute and fluffy
his eyes as black as soot
A cuddly puppy is what I want
someone to have fun with all day
a puppy who will love me no matter what
a friend who’s always ready to play

I’d take so good care of that little dog
you’d never have to worry at all
I’d take him for walks and morning jogs
and teach him how to fetch a ball

I’d be the happiest girl in the world
if you just could give me a dog
I promise not to say another word
just tell me you ‘ll get me that dog!

Artwork by the lovely Lisi Martin

Soft pony sweet pony


Soft pony sweet pony
pretty pony please
say that you are mine to keep

Soft pony sweet pony
silky chocolate coat
I’ve brought you lumps of sugar
and a teacup full of oats

Soft pony sweet pony
golden amber mane
can I take you for a ride today?
just down that little lane

Soft pony sweet pony
shiny silver socks
I’ll groom you every morning
and I’ll fill your feedbox

Soft pony sweet pony
snowy little star
I love you little pony
just the way you are

Soft pony sweet pony
pretty pony please
say that you are mine to keep!

Artwork by the lovely Lisi Martin

The Snowdrop


A tiny little snowdrop
popped its little head up
from underneath the snowy ground
he fought his way
through King Winter’s crown

The fairies cheered encouragements
and up and up our soldier went

Inspired by his bravery
King Winter stepped aside so he
could raise his snow white head up
long before the buttercups
even dared to dream of such

For spring was sleeping soundly still
not knowing of the iron will
displayed by her smallest flower child
whou could not wait for weather mild
to reach towards the pale blue sky
and rise his tiny head up high

Painting by Cicely Mary Barker



A little lady clad in blue
With a gown of misty morning dew
The prettiest of flowers she claims to be
Yet she bows her head in modesty

A bonnet of the finest silk
Hides her face in sky-blue ink
A lady belle in the peak of spring
With petals blue like fairy wings

Lady bluebell, don’t shy away
Your beauty is like a summer’s day
We crown you queen of flowers wild
For you are our favorite flower child

Original art work by Cicely Mary Barker

The Circus Horse


A circus horse from the land of Pretend
came to my house to be my friend
He lived outside my window
his coat was white as snow
his mane sparkled like the rainbow
his hooves were made of gold
he let me ride on his back
we galloped to the stars
away into that night so black
further and further afar
until we started our descend
upon the land we call Pretend

Fairy Tea Party


My dear little friend, please come to me
for a little Tea Party
put on your best Sunday frock
with shoes to match and white clean socks
I’ll serve you in my china cups
tea with milk and sugar lumps
and silver spoons to eat your cake
that my dearest Granny baked
Please come early if you can
because the queen of Fairyland
is invited to be my guest
and I’ve made the jam she likes the best
Pick some flowers on your way
the Pinks will make a lovely bouquet
Hurry up now, will you please!
and bring your darling babies
so my Teddy and Dolly can have a play
while we have tea and gossip away
So hurry dear, don’t delay
it looks to be a lovely day!

Image Credit: juanitasattic.com

A Secret Fairy Garden

fairy water

A secret garden of roses red
And daffodils in flowerbeds
Apple trees with tiny blooms
Grasses green and meadows blue
Hidden pathways of pebbled rocks
Fairy trails of forget-me-nots
Tall dense hedges in tidy rows
Spurs of life and seeds that grow
Strawberries in crimson beds
Trees with plums all ripe and red
A fairy house in every nook
Under seashells by the brook
Little leaves a’ floating by
With passengers of the fairy kind
Baby robins in tiny nests
Taking their wings for a test
Anxious mothers standing by
Waiting for their babes to fly
Ladybugs are welcome too
For fleas and lice are their favorite foods
Little hedgehogs like to sleep
Behind the tall and unkempt weeds
Frogs that croak and mice that squeak
Grasshoppers with legs that tweak
Each coming day a new life arrives
And my secret garden comes alive

Little Dolly


My little dolly what do you do
When I am not in the room with you
Do you play with Teddy dear
Or do you braid your blond fair hair
I would so very much like to see
But never does it seem to be
That I can catch you in the act
For when I swiftly open the door
You’re still sitting neatly on the floor!

To Slumberland


Off they go to Slumberland
He and Teddy hand in hand
Mr. Moon he nods his head
To the magic flying Bed
They’ll see the fairies of this I am sure
Unicorn, elves, and much more!

The stars they go a-twinkling
To the little boy and his plaything
Flying off to Slumberland
He and Teddy hand in hand
On a magic nursery-bed-ride
Through the night so far and wide

Granny’s Garden


I love my Granny’s Garden
It is a Fairy place
with all kinds of enchantments
magic and spells

Inhabited by blue tits
a family of robins
Mrs. Hedgehog and her babies
a shoe full of goblins
12 tiny kittens
and a mouse in a mitten

Two lumps of sugar
and a small pinch of cream
that is how my Granny
serves them their tea
in a broken china cup
under the plum tree

In beds of Poppies, Tulips and Pinks
Sunsets, and Roses and Butterfly Wings
with Lady Bugs, Beetles, and fat bumble bees
in Strawberry beds and under the trees
That’s where you find the Garden Fairies!
Beautiful colors, yet tiny and shy
You can almost misstake them for a butterfly

I love my Granny’s Garden
It is a Fairy place
with all kinds of enchantments
magic and spells!

Image found at Miniaturefairygardens.com

Visiting Granny

Lisi 21

On Friday evening off we go
Dressed in sweaters and with rubber boots
a little suitcase in the hand
packed and ready for fairyland

Granny’s waiting with smiley face
and the kitchen is smelling of cookies and cakes
A cup of coffee in her hand
Books of stories on every night stand
Beds full of dollies, teddies and toys
Granny knows the secret of every childhood joy

In Granny’s house there are no rules
we can play wherever we choose
in the basement, loft and storage rooms
we look for ghosts and witches’ brooms
And when it’s time to say good night
Granny goes first and leaves us to play
as long as we like

night safaris in the garden
forbidden treats of chocolate squares
hunting witches in the parlor
pretending that we’re not a bit scared!
But when the clock on the wall strikes twelve
we run to bed all by ourselves
for every little child surely knows
that midnight is the time for ghosts!

In big comfy beds with shiny white linen
we soon fall asleep and our heads start spinning
into the land of dreams and delight
and soundly we sleep all through the night
no ghost or witch or monster in sight

Art by Lisi Martin

Granny Flower-Witch


She casts her spells and mixes her brews
animals love her and the fairies do too
She lives in a cottage painted in bright pink and blue
with beds of spices and wildflowers growing out of old shoes

she heals little animals with her enchantments and brews
and mends broken wings for the fairies too
She sings the sweetest night songs for the stars and the moon
and she lets the little bunnies sleep in the coolness of her house
every hot afternoon

If ever a little child gets lost in the woods
Granny Flower-Witch finds her and lets her rest
and gives her drink and food
She dries her clothes and her little soaked boots
then she takes her by the hand and leads her out of the woods
back home to mummy and daddy and her safe neighbourhood

As you can see Granny Flower-Witch is good
not like the witches in the stories you’ve been told
she is very much loved
by all the creatures of the woods
and if you ever meet her she will surely love you too
Just look for a little cottage painted in pink and blue
next time you go for a walk in the woods

Art by the lovely Ruth Sanderson

10 thoughts on “Poems

  1. There’s certainly some wonderful poems on this page. I think I missed a couple, but I know I read a lot more than I missed, and now I’ve got a good reason to come back for more of Granny’s Garden. Thanks Trini, for all the poems, and the great pictures. I especially liked the one with the little boy and girl giving Granny a gift. See you soon.

    • Oh, yes! I love that picture too! 🙂 It’s one of my favorite artists who has made it: Lisi Martin!! She is wonderful!! 🙂 I am so so happy that you like my poems! 🙂 see you! 🙂

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