When it comes to my writing I am inspired by a lot of things! It can be anything really, but if I had to choose a few things to mention it would be:

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Astrid Lindgren! I have adored her sweet and beautiful stories since I was a little child. For me she is the number one storyteller! I especially like her stories about Pippi Longstocking.

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I also love Tove Jansson’s stories about moominvalley. I love her drawings too!
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I have always been inspired by the imaginary world and hidden countries, so it is no mystery that the stories about narnia are very dear to me.

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Something that is probably little obvious if you have read my blog is that I love Fairy Tales! The norwegian Folk Tales are very special to me, as these were the ones I grew up with.

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The last thing I want to mention is a book I discovered as an adult. It has inspired and influenced me deeply, and is the reason why I rediscovered my joy in writing poems for kids. It is a book of poems called “A child’s Garden of Verses” and is written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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