Pan’s Flute


Enchantments coiled around my wrists
And over the field I hastened,
Through thistle-spun trees and lily-woods
But, alas, my feet began aโ€™dancinโ€™.
Through umbrella-leaves and parsley-blooms
I twirled in fields of goldenrod,
To pipes unseen and larks unheard.
And Pan himself must have laughed,
For he had caught me in his Faerie-trance.

Looking for the enchanted realm…


Are you one of those who just wish, wish, wish you could see the folk of the enchanted realm, the ones many call “Fey” ? Well, I am! So I went looking for them! And see what I found! Can you spot them? ๐Ÿ˜€








All the photos are of course taken by me in this one (since I was the only one there to spot them! :-D)

Fantasy Artist Portrait: Josephine Wall


Josephine Wall is my favorite Fantasy Artist. I discovered her work in a little Fairy Shop in Galway, Ireland, when I bought a greeting card with my star sign, Pisces, on it, and Josephine Wall was the artist who had decorated the card.

Josephine Wall was born in 1947 in an English town called Farnham, which is in Surrey, England. She was an artist even as a child, she loved colors, fantasy and visual storytelling!


Josephine Wall joined the Society of Art and Imagination in 1998, and she was one of the first artists to exhibit her work in London in their yearly Open Exhibition.


The world of Josephine Wall is a gentle world populated by fairies, castles, children, butterflies and mythical creatures. Josephine says herself that her art gives her the opportunity to portray the world as she would like it to be. And she wants her viewers to experience the same in her paintings.


Josephine Wall’s art is inspired by artists such as Arthur Rackham, Salvador Dali and Margritte. She has elements of romanticism and surrealism in her art, and is also known for her keen interest in nature preservation, which is quite obvious to the viewer in paintings such as: “No More”.

“No More”

Josephine Wall lives in Dorset, England, where she also has her Gallery, a place I personally dream of visiting!

Another place I dream of visiting is the beautiful luxury B&B, the Enchanted Manor, which is decorated by Josephine Wall herself, and which has a fine collection of her paintings. The B&B is located on the magical Ilse of White, a perfect holiday paradise!

“Enchanted Manor”

What I love the most about Josephine Wall’s art is the tiny details hidden in each painting. You can just stare and stare for hours on a painting and still discover new exciting things! I have used many of her images in my Art Therapy/Art Interpretation classes for children, and they absolutely adore her art!


Maybe if you live close to either Dorset or Isle of White, you can pop in for a visit, and please please please tell me about it afterwards! ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise, you can always visit Josephine Wall on her beautiful website:

And here is the address of the Enchanted Manor website:

All the above images have been sourced from these two websites.