Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a children’s fantasy book written by Shannon Messenger. The book is aimed at children from 10 years and up, but the children in the book are around 12-14 years old. Keeper of the Lost Cities is the first book in a fantasy series about Sophie Foster.

Sophie Foster is a 12 year old girl who has been a telepath since she was five. She also has a photographic memory, something which has made her excel in school. But these special abilities have always made Sophie feel alone and out of place. She doesn’t really have any friends and she is so different from her sister and parents that she sometimes wonders if she was adopted. So one day, when a boy, a little older than herself, shows up claiming he is an elf, and that so is she, Sophie is surprised, but perhaps not as shocked as she should be. The elvin boy takes her with him home to see his elvin family in a magic country where having special abilities is a very common thing. Sophie feels at home at right away, but when the elves ask her to leave her human family forever and come live with them instead, Sophie is torn. Can she really leave the only family she has ever known? But if she doesn’t, how will she ever go back to being a normal human girl again?

I loved this book to pieces! The characters are wonderful and very endearing, the language flows like a dream, and the writer takes time to describe details and scenarios that spark our imagination and make the story very atmospheric. The plot reminded me again of J.K Rowling; the elvin kids go to a magical academy and much of the story takes place there. Having said that, this was not a new storyline when J.K Rowling wrote it either, so I am definitely not saying this book copies from the Harry Potter books. Rather I would say that this book is perfect for lovers of the Harry Potter series (like me). Sophie’s world is filled with magic, but also with difficult decisions, dilemmas and trials. What is different in this story is that it is more realistic in a way, I mean, the writer talks about some of the issues that we face today, of course in a symbolic way, and how those who often feel like misfits, are the ones who will have to step up and be the heroes.

I will heartily recommend this book to all lovers of the fantasy genre, children and adults alike, but perhaps especially to those who feel different, like many of the children we call “Star children” do.

Of course five beautiful golden stars to this magical book! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

16 thoughts on “Keeper of the Lost Cities

  1. You keep this up Trini, I’m going to have to stop working and start reading 😀 ❤
    Thank you for sharing though, brings back lots of memories in your reviews, and my adventures from childhood on up to this day. I think the childhood stories are a preview for finding our spiritual selves later in life 😀 ❤ ❤

    • Isn’t that just the most fabulous job!? Being a children’s book reviewer!! 😄😄😄. I am so happy these book reviews can spark memories from your own childhood 😊😊. And yeah, you are absolutely right, the books we read as children really help shaping our beliefs and values😊😊. That is my favorite thing about books; they give so much inspiration! 💖📚💖

  2. Trini, thank you for uncovering this beautiful book, I plan to purchase this, it seems like something that “my” kids would love. Have a beautiful day and Easter ❤ 💮

    • I think you will like it 😊😊. I would say this is the one book I would definitely recommend to people who like the Harry Potter books. I’ve heard many publishers and reviewers say that about other books, and then when I read it I get disappointed, but this one would never disappoint me! 😊😊😊👍🏻

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