The Fairy Ring of Espevær


On the West Coast of Norway lies the tiny hamlet of Espevær, it would hardly have been known to most Norwegians if it was not for one amazing mystery: A huge Fairy Ring!

The Fairy Ring was discovered in 1975, and the locals thought it was just the aftermath of children playing, but the imprint in the grass didn’t go away! And to today’s date, it is still there!

The Fairy Ring has a circumference of 63 meters, and is 30 cm broad. The grass is lush on both sides of the ring, but in the actual trace of the ring it remains pushed flat 5-10 cm into the ground.


I visited this incredible Fairy Ring when I was about 6 years old, and it was just magical!! My father, my brother and I danced the Troll Dance around the ring, and I definitely felt as though as I was in the presence of something fairy-charmed.

Researchers have still not found a scientific answer to what the Fairy Ring is, but we know why, don’t we? It is because the Fairies would never ever show themselves to those dried up non-believers!! 😄😄

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