Sail Across the Moon

Art by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

A calm has fallen over a galaxy of dreams
And swelling sails skim and gleam
Over the chill and creeping sea
Weaving ancient sorceries

A twilight-hush of purpling grey
Moons and pines and fades away
Where bloomed the mists of long ago
By many a seaward dune
The elfin ships like buds of snow
Sail across the moon

Where the lilac dusk of stars and dew
Is a dark enchanteress
Sweeping ghostly shadows ‘neath
The night-sea’s silver crest

And above the harbor bar
Shrouded in veil of musk
Blooms the secret midnight stars
Ripe with fairy dust

Like faithful guardians of the night
On amathystine clouds
The pirating ships patrol the sky
Ferrying dreams from clammy beds
Like shadows winking by
With silken gales in sails a’set
They voyage into the sky


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