Beautiful Fairy Grandmothers


These gorgeous photos were taken by the wonderful photographer Marsha Steckling for the Faerie Magazine ( The lady in the photos is Marsha’s 80 year old mother. I love how the photograph focuses on the beauty and grace and depth that comes with age.


I personally think that people today are obsessed with the ephemeral beauty of youth, a beauty that is associated with physical attraction of the opposite sex and reproduction. I think we need to learn to see beauty in a different way.


The beauty of a life lived and the wisdom it brings, the beauty of kindness and spiritual knowledge, the beauty of stories and love. Old age brings a grace and a confidence that you do not find in youth. It is not ephemeral, it is not something to desperately cling on to, or be afraid of losing, it is not about attracting the opposite sex or seduction, it is about stories told in deep valleys and silver hair, the mark of love found and lost in the depth of blue oceans, it is about mysteries and treasures…a beauty in grace worn not only on the inside but emanating out like a Mother Gaia to embrace us all.

Images are by Marsha Steckling sourced through the Faerie Magazine.


12 thoughts on “Beautiful Fairy Grandmothers

    • Yes, absolutely! There is nothing as beautiful as people who age gracefully, not fighting it, but finding its own beauty hidden within the stories of one’s own life. 😊😊

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