Kiki’s Delivery Service


Kiki’s Delivery Service is a Japanese fantasy children’s movie from 2014. The story is about a 13 year old witch who has to leave her parents to find a place for herself in the world. Kiki’s talent is her flying ability, and with the help of a bakery owner and a boy who dreams of flying, Kiki starts her own express delivery service. But it’s not all the inhabitants of the quaint little town Kiki has adopted as her new home, who feels the same way about witches. A rumor is spread, claiming that Kiki delivers curses, not parcels and letters, and Kiki slowly loses her confidence in herself, and as her self-belief declines, so does her magic… Will Kiki be able to find her way back to her magic? Or is her fate to live as an ordinary girl? The problem with ordinary is that Kiki doesn’t even know how to ride a bike!


I loved this sweet little movie! The pace of the film is a bit slow, and the action will mostly excite quite small children, but what I loved were the details! The little whimsical shops, the blue and white wind mill Kiki lives in, the colorful vintage inspired clothes, the veterinarian who lives in the jungle and brews coffee in laboratory flasks, the tiny be-flowered streets with odd vintage shop signs, and the charming quirky inhabitants. I could feast my eyes on these little details forever and ever, wishing I was a witch living in that town! 😊😊.


I highly recommend this film, especially to little kids, older children and adults might enjoy the animated version of this film produced by studio Ghibli in 1989 better. But I found this version enchanting!



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