Warriors: Into the Wild

By Erin Hunter ( pseudonym)


Rusty is an ordinary house cat with extraordinary dreams. He dreams of the great wild, of hunting his own food and going where he wants when he wants, so when he bumps into a young warrior cat in the forest one day he grabs the opportunity offered him by the leader of a notorious clan of warrior cats living in the wild. Rusty is to join the clan and live in the wild! But the different clans in the forest are not always living harmoniously together and Rusty’s courage and warrior skills are about to be put to the ultimate test.

This book is an absolute must read for cat lovers! Here cats are brave, strong and intelligent warriors living in an organized society where the strong takes care of the weak. The story is fascinating, even for people who are not that crazy about cats. Kids will definitely love this book and become invested in the characters, especially that of Rusty and his friends.

The book was a page-turner for sure, but I am not really a cat person, so my interest was not at its peak, even though I loved the story.

The book is written by three different authors who use the pseudonym Erin Hunter. It is a part of a series of books about the cat clans, so cat lovers, buckle up for the ride of your life! šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

Happy Reading!


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