The Wacky Book of Witches

Written by Annie Civardi and illustrated by Graham Philpot


This delightfully wicked picture book about witches is a treasure trove of wacky witchery.
It is written in rhyme and the deliciously detailed and colorful illustrations make the world of witches come alive with full page, and some times double-page, illustrations depicting Claws the cat, Squawk the Raven, Raucus Rat, Crusher Snake, Squeaky Bat, and the two hilarious elves, Hocus and Pocus. There is something to feast the eye on on every page.
My favorite is Old Warty’s big, brown, spooky house, spread out on two whole pages. There are so many little things to look at and admire!

Warty the Witch has a very special party to prepare for and she has bought a special wig and a veil of spider’s lace to cover her warty face with. We get to watch her preparing for her ghoulish night in front of the mirror with the hilarious rhymes and gorgeous cartoon-like pictures. And when the the witching hour finally begins, we get to take part in the feast in a final double-page spread of wacky merriment


I cannot tell you how much I adore this book!! I can promise you that kids will crave it over and over again at bedtime, and pull it down from the shelf daily to admire the colorful pictures. There are so many tiny details and stories within the story that kids will never tire of this book. The book is perfect for little kids from 4 years and up, but the cartoon feel of the book, reminding me of the ” Finding Waldo” series, is so entertaining that even older kids might steal a peek at it when their baby sister or brother isn’t watching.

I highly recommend this wickedly awesome book!!
Five out of five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Happy Reading!


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