The Luck Uglies

By Paul Durham


This is a tale of disgusting monsters, a secret society who is either great heroes or feared villains, secret tunnels, a cat who can never be let out, a book of forbidden knowledge and three friends determined to find out what the truth really is...

Welcome to Village Drowning, a village tormented by both its evil ruler and the much feared Bog Noblins who eat people and make necklaces out of human feet! This is where our heroine, Rye O’Chanter, lives, an 11 year old girl with a mysterious talisman around her neck. Rye O’Chanter is determined to find out the truth about the secret society called The Luck Uglies, and together with her two friends, she is about to enter into a world she only thought existed in fairy stories.

This book is both thrilling, funny and a bit disgusting. It took me a few pages before I was hooked, but towards the end of the book I was race-reading through the last 150 pages. The book is divided into chapters and each chapter ends on a thrilling note, so that you can’t wait to know what happens next. This makes it a perfect bedtime book to read for a child about 9-11 years old. Older children will also enjoy the book, but some of the humor is a bit juvenile for my taste ( there is a lot of burping, nose picking and monster saliva), but younger kids will love it! The book reminded me a little of David Walliams’and Alan Snow’s books, in the way it was written, and it was quite obvious that the author is male. It is a book for kids, but one of those stories you will definitely find entertaining yourself while reading it for, or with, a child.

I most definitely recommend this book to all kids, but especially those between 9 and 11.

Happy Reading!


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