Fire Spell

By Laura Amy Schlitz


A puppet maker, an old mad witch, a puppet looking suspiciously like a kidnapped child, a cursed gem stone and two brave orphaned children who are about to walk right into the witch’s forbidden tower

This is is a magnificent story filled with all the magic, mystery and thrill you can ever dream of encountering in a book. The characters are vivid, loveable, brave, awfully wicked and heartbreakingly cruel. This book got me hooked from the very first sentence and I spent two days and two almost sleeplessness nights race-reading the 500 incredible pages.
I can honestly say that this is my favorite book so far this year, and I can’t imagine any other book surpassing it. It is just sooo good!

It is a children’s book, but for a bit older children, I would say from age 12 and up. But this book can be enjoyed by all who love a great fantasy novel. It is so well written, and the characters are so well thought out I just fell in love with them, and will keep them vivid in my imagination for a long time.

The story takes place in Victorian England something that really adds to the wonderful charm of the book. There are old houses, castles, frozen lakes, steam engine trains and street artists crowding Piccadilly in hope of earning a sovreign. I love the language and the different dialects, the street cockney and the refined upper class London English. I love the detailed descriptions and the dialogues. I just love everything about this book!
So needless to say I highly recommend it, to children (12+) and to all lovers of fantasy!

Five out of five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Happy reading!


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