Afternoon of the elves

By Janet Taylor Lisle


There is a tiny village of elves, with a Ferris wheel and all, in Sarah- Kate’s messy backyard. But Hillary, the next door neighbor, is scared to ask Sarah-Kate to see it, because Sarah-kate is odd and liked by no one in school. She wears weird clothes and eats white mush for lunch. Someone says that she even stole a bicycle! But Hillary can’t stop thinking about that village of elves, and when Sarah-Kate invites her into her backyard one day, Hillary just can’t help but say yes. And in that backyard an adventure starts, an adventure of elves. But something is wrong in Sarah-Kate’s house. Why has no one ever seen Sarah-Kate’s mother? And why does Sarah-Kate never invite Hillary inside?

This beautiful book really touched my heart. It talks about children and what they can do when they have to. It talks about strength and love, neglect and care, preservation and creativity. It is written for children, but is so sensitively written about such a vulnerable subject, it is just as important and rewarding for an adult to read. Janet Taylor Lisle writes from the child’s perspective, and she does that excellently. The children, both of them, but especially Sarah-Kate is given a strong and loud voice speaking to us all about a challenging and difficult topic.

I highly recommend this book to kids and adults alike, but I would suggest that smaller children read the book together with an adult.
I give this beautiful book five out of five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Happy reading!!


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