The Tale of the Twin fillies


There were once two little twin fillies. They had been born in the Lilac forest, but not long after their birth they discovered that they were all alone. They did not cry, the two little fillies were already brave and strong. They stood up on their thin long legs, took a few trying steps and then they wandered off into the forest.

One of the fillies was white as snow, the other black like night. They walked deeper and deeper into the forest, trusting their instincts to keep them safe from harm.

The Lilac trees were in full bloom, and their sweet scent wafted through the forest. A family of pink butterflies danced through the air, drinking full cups of warm pollen served by the lilacs as they passed them by.

Ruth Sanderson - T

The two little fillies stood for a while examining the beautiful little creatures. And all of a sudden they felt a deep thirst well up in their throats. They tried to drink the pollen, but the small cups collapsed before they could even attempt to fill their mouths with the sweet smelling nectar.

The two little fillies abandoned the butterflies and moved further into the depth of the forest. Soon they came upon a hill blanketed in tiny white flowers. The snow white filly whinnied. And something stirred in between the leaves on top of the hill. Then the night black filly whinnied, and again something stirred in the leaves.
Now both the white and the black filly whinnied together. Once, twice and thrice.


Then a magnificent silvery white unicorn stepped out of the leaves. She was like the moon itself, glowing like mother-of-pearl. The twin fillies shivered and bowed their heads in respectful greeting. The unicorn gracefully ascended, and came to stand right in front of the twin fillies. She gave a loud beautiful whinny that echoed in the forest.

Her mane was flowing like moon beams, almost touching the ground when she moved. The unicorn gave a majestic toss of her beautiful white head, then she turned away from the fillies and started walking into the forest.


After a few steps she beckoned to the fillies to follow her. Deeper and deeper into the forest they moved until they reached a little lake. There the unicorn stopped and called the twin fillies over to her. She lowered her head and showed the fillies how to drink her milk.

The fillies drank her milk greedily, but gently, so as not to hurt the unicorn. When the two fillies had quenched their thirst, the unicorn walked over to the lake and stood next to the mirage on the water surface. She dipped her muzzle into the water and drank. Then she whinnied to the two little fillies and they came to stand next to her.

unicorn rs

The twin fillies lowered their heads into the water to drink, but as they dipped their muzzles into the water, they caught their own reflection in the water and to their astonishment they saw that they were not fillies anymore.
They had become fully grown unicorns.


The unicorn mother called them Night and Day, and she sent them out into the world to carry the milk of daylight and the milk of nightfall to all living creatures.


And from that day onwards the beautiful dawn and the majestic twilight would grace the sky for all to marvel at.

If you look closely in these hours of change you might see the twin unicorns gallantly galloping over the sky, whinnying to each other in friendly greeting.


All the amazing art is by the magical Ruth Sanderson. Please see more of her art here:


22 thoughts on “The Tale of the Twin fillies

  1. Oh wow I love this! What a beautiful story. I love magical tale. I remember when I was small I thought unicorns were real. I remember being surprised when I found out that Zebras are real animals. I thought maybe they were fairytales too! Isn’t it wonderful to dream and think of lovely tales! You are a beautiful writer and inspiration. I love your background and how it twinkles. Thank you for sharing this with me. ❀ πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ Oh, I love the zebra story!! πŸ™‚ How cute! πŸ™‚ I love thinking about how we were as little children πŸ™‚ I am so so happy that you liked this little tale πŸ™‚ ❀

  2. Hi Trini. Great story. When I told my daughter during lunch about it, and asked if she wanted to go and read it, she perked up with a huge smile and said, “YES”. She loved especially the third photo too. Thank you so much Trini.
    πŸ™‚ ❀

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