j wall

Come now, take my hand
and let us be off
to Fairyland!

With Snowdrops and Bluebells
enchantments and spells
sandcastles decorated
with pink and white shell


A gingerbread house
a white chocolate mouse
and a black ugly witch
made entirely of licorice!

So much to see, so much to tell!
A powdery snow house with a silver door bell
Let’s give it a chime and see who is there
a white bearded wizard or a maiden so fair?


Into to the forest we run out of fear
for maybe a big ugly troll is living there!

Now, let’s become tiny and climb to the top
of a beautiful yellow buttercup
for a warm butter bath
is something I’ve never had!

wall j

Strawberry candy and red jelly tops
falling from clouds of pink candy floss
coloring the trees with pink rainy drops

Let’s become giants so we can reach
to the top of the trees and easily eat
all the candy so wonderfully sweet!

Oh, so many enchanting things to see!
but listen now, mother is calling for tea!


So let us be sweet, let us be kind
say nicely goodbye and leave behind
the magical place of Fairyland
but, don’t be sad for it will be
right here waiting for you and for me


Amazing art by Josephine Wall: http://www.josephinewall.co.uk


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