A visit from Santa Claus

vintage santa

Listen! Here is the chime of Santa’s bell
Dearest Santa, do you have a fairy story to tell?
Tell us of presents, tell us of toys
tell us a tale from the North Pole!

And Santa’s so sweet, he gives us a treat!
He puts up his feet, and lights his pipe,
he beckons us children to sit by his side.
And all of a sudden, we are on a sleigh ride!

Up to the clouds and into the night
passed the silver moon shining so bright.

Listen to how the stormy winds blow
freezing blue our little toes!
But Santa knows well, he wraps us in blankets
woven by elves!

Soon we reach the snowbound lands
and Santa commands: Out we go!
into his home of ice and snow!

Here are toys high and low
a teddy bear, and a doll that says hello!

Santa’s elves are working away
for all the toys must be ready for Christmas Day!

They dance and they sing,
and every little plaything
is marching happily
into the sack of the Christmas Fairy!

For do not think that Santa is alone,
no, he can’t do all that work on his own

So the Christmas fairies fly
to far and nearby
to give the children their toys
all little girls and all little boys

So next time you leave
your cookies and milk
for Santa to eat and drink
remember the fairies
who love to eat berries,
and you’ll get a special treat!
maybe a toy or something good to eat!

Now the little children have fallen asleep
and Santa tip-toes without a peep
out to his sleigh waiting in the street
and off he goes until next time we meet

With a Ho-Ho-Ho! and a Ding-Dong-Ding!
gone is Santa, sleigh and everything!


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